Jelly no Puzzle


Playing with gelatin has never been so hard


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Jelly no Puzzle is a game that's as fun as it is complex. In it, your objective is to get all the gelatin together in each level, creating groups of two or more gelatin cubes.

At first, the gameplay seems really simple, but once you start playing, you realize the levels appear to have been designed by Satan himself (or just some really twisted Japanese person). The solution for some of the puzzles seems obvious, but it's actually a lot more complicated than you could ever imagine.

The game isn't finished yet, but it might as well be, since most players will never even reach level 9. Jelly no Puzzle is not one of those games that takes your hand and guides you through the first few levels; instead, it starts full on from the beginning.

The gameplay, nevertheless, is very simple: you have to left-click on a jelly cube to move it to the left, and right-click to move it to the right. In this way, you have to try to get all the jelly cubes together, and it's definitely not easy.

Jelly no Puzzle is a fun game with a simple gameplay but an extremely high level of difficulty. It will keep you hooked, trying to solve the puzzles for hours on end.
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